Our Story

We are the church which you can call home. Believing in the body of the Christ, that we need each other to serve God and serve one another. Most of our church members are young adults, young families, youth and children from different countries, with a common goal of making a church an enjoyable place which we can use to grow spiritually and change our communities. Anything we do during the week and on our weekend services, are based on the Bible, Holy Spirit, Vision and Mission of our church.

Our Mission

As Christians, our main mission is to transform peoples’ lives to the point that they will know God more, grow their faith and live like his son in our day to day life. We need to see every member of this church and visitors, experience the Love of God from the time they get into our parking lot on Weekend services and even when they meet each other outside the church. Our goal is to create the community that love God and love one another.

The Eagles House - Our Mission

The Eagles House - Our Vision copy

Our Vision

We have a simple vision: To see people of Washington Seattle, America and all over the world know God more and His words, have strong faith, live good, love themselves and love everyone else.